The Famous Mythical Microservices

Microservices as an evolutional peak

Once I was working on a greenfield microservices project that had a formal design in SysML from hour zero. One of the managers was looking at it and said: it’s good but it is microservices architecture, so there should be more services. There was only 8 services carefully decomposed based on the domain model and functional scenarios. Is it really the right approach?

Microservices are romanticized

Always take big microservices success stories with a pinch of salt

Today everything is microservices

The term microservices architecture has been inflated by tech leads and hiring managers who are trying to sell their projects to new hires

… or just sell their own expertise on the field

The easiest thing about microservices is criticising other people’s microservice

On the technical side microservices is just distributed applications

If an immaculate microservices design is not achieved it may be labeled as a “bad design”, although it may have never been the intention to have all the microservices traits in a system even from the beginning. So is it a bad design then? I don’t think so.

The only valid definition of microservices is being an organizational pattern

So how should we think about microservices?

Maybe we should just try no to label systems as microservices architecture.



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